How to Achieve a Healthy Green Home

green-clean-300x259Carpet cleaning is more than just about getting stains out of your carpets or rugs, its about health as well. Many people take it for granted that when they have the carpeting in their homes professionally cleaned their home will be healthier as well. Thankfully more green carpet cleaners are growing in popularity because awareness of how cleaning can make for a healthy home is growing. Unfortunately this is not always the case, in fact its often just the opposite. So what are some things to avoid when you are looking to hire a carpet cleaning service?

What should I avoid?

  • Companies that use unnatural chemical solutions in their cleaning process
  • Businesses that don’t offer any type of guarantee
  • Cleaners that put down excess water during the job

Chemical solutions can be harmful not only to you but especially if you have children or pets that might be especially sensitive to these agents and also might spend more time sitting or lying on your carpets. And whats the point of hiring a professional if there is no guarantee for their work? Any carpet cleaner confident in their abilities and their business will offer some type of guarantee. Excess water put down during the job can be extremely bad for many reasons. For one, it takes days to dry. During this time you should stay off the carpets or rugs because they are easier to track dirt on, not to mention the fact that you probably don’t want to step on a wet floor. In addition, excess water can be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. A wet carpet is just not conducive to a healthy home.

puppy-on-carpet-300x208On the other side of the coin, look for a company that guarantees their work like the Chemdry franchise who uses dryer cleaning methods and puts down only natural cleaners down on your carpets during the entire process. Follow this advice and you will have a healthier home free from carpet stains, just look at the testimonials for proof.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Green Home

Most of the skepticism behind climate change has tapered off. It is hard to deny the facts that ice is melting and areas are getting warmer. More than that, it is clear that humans and our growth into the industrial era are the primary contributing cause. The amount of time that humans have been on the earth is incomprehensibly small, let alone the time span that we have had modern machines that emit greenhouse gases. The impact we can have on the global environment in that short amount of time should be seriously concerning to an educated person. That being said, it is everyone’s responsibility, especially those of us in the developed world, to reduce their own carbon footprint.

Commit to an energy efficient home. Small things like replacing your incandescent light bulbs with fluorescent light bulbs can be a big energy saver. Look for Energy Star ratings on everything from windows to air conditioning units. If you’re not sure what brands have the best ratings, ask your local HVAC company like One Hour Heating and Air. This seems like a hastle when you’re AC unit brings and you need to get a cooling system back up and running ASAP, but remember that a little extra research will pay off both for wallet in reduced utility bills and for the environment. There’s no excuse for being wasteful with energy anymore.

Be smart about transportation. As always, one of the biggest culprits in carbon emission in America is the culture of individual personal vehicles. Our bus, train, and subway system is terribly underdeveloped. This stems from the immense size of our country and preference for independence in all things, but there are still things we can do. Carpool whenever you know you’re heading the same direction as someone. Secondly, ride a bike. You will get healthier with the routine exercise, and you’d be surprised how many trips in your car you can eliminate with just a bike ride under 15 minutes.