Modern housing has become not only as a place of shelter and a necessity but also as a symbol of societal status and a luxury. Today, an average person spends about a quarter of his or her life savings in building a house. Although it might sound like an astonishing figure the ground reality is at times more than this. If more and more people are doing this and if a pattern is forming, then there should be logic for this and it cannot be a mere coincidence of cases. The size and contour of your home together with the locality of the place determines the status that you hold in the society and influences the level of control and respect for you in your neighbourhood. At a time when the real estate prices are dwindling and market is going to take some more time to rebuild it, it is the luxury of your home that dictates the hierarchy.

Of all the things, that could be inside a home, a free standing soaking tub, is one of the most majestic things that could elevate you in the eyes of your guests. A bathing tub has been the epitome of social life from times immemorial. Since the days of early Greek civilisation or the Ancient Indus valley civilisation, bathing and bath tub has been an integral part of the culture. A refined taste and a cultured man, always holds a high position in the society, even if he is not very rich. A bathing tub is not only a symbol of wealth and opulence, it is also a necessity these days as it is proved in many case studies that immersing yourself inside water while bathing is more hygienic and is also better for a healthy living. A good hot water bath is proven to reduce anxiety, tensions and other stress related problems that is prone to happen in the day to day life.

 A free standing soaking tub is one which can be readily placed in the bathroom without having the need to build a podium or plaster an envelope around the tub. It is easy to install and could be connected to your house water pipe. Even the exhaust or output pipe can be connected to your drainage system. It reduces the cost and could be moved around easily, without having the need to break or make concrete or other building materials. Moreover, it can be used as a pool for your new-born babies. Reputed studies show that immersing a just born baby in water and allowing it to swim is beneficial and has many health benefits for the infant. It can double up as the kid’s pool, during the holidays. If you wish to spice up your love life, you can prefer to schedule your bathing with your better half and feel the fire kindling again in your life. Whatever way you use it, you can easily clean the tub after the usage by opening the outlet pipe and connecting it to your regular drainage system.