When we talk about real estate companies, there would be a lot of ambiguity for laymen if we don’t mention what exactly real estate companies work with. As a result, a client might or might not realize the essence of a real estate company. Real estate companies, like Haus on Handy develop, manage, and invest in real estate. To make it a lot clearer, here are 4 types of real estate that these companies develop and manage.

Residential Real Estate

Residential real estate, just like the name suggests are meant to construct buildings where people would live. Depending on what the trend and requirement in any area is, real estate companies build the kind of residential real estates, like apartments, societies, villas, vacation homes, co-ops, condominiums, etc. It can be duplexes, triple-deckers, studio apartments, or whatever kind of residential projects are high in demand.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate includes buildings and spaces that are intended to make an income. This includes shopping malls, complexes, hotels, offices, hospitals, educational bodies, etc. While apartments come under residential real estate, there is a thin line and certain times you would see real estate companies having them under commercial real estate. This is because many a times it is considered that apartments are built and owned for making an income.

Industrial Real Estate

Any building that is built intended for being used as a production or manufacturing unit is industrial real estate. Industries, factories, warehouses for storing goods, research places, etc. come under industrial real estate. However, some of the industrial real estate buildings might also be considered as commercial real estate based on utility, like sales and construction.

Vacant Pieces of Land

Even vacant piece of land has a scope of building a property, based on the quality and amount of land available. These include lands that are left unused, ranches, fields, etc. There can be a possibility of these lands being abandoned as they were in the middle of being constructed into a building, reuse, or site assembly.

The reason why it is important to know about the demarcation in real estate is so that you know exactly what you want to work with. Whether you are a real estate company providing certain kind of services, like Haus on Handy or a client looking for very specific services, knowing what you are working with would make a lot more sense.

For instance, if a real estate developing company deals exclusively with residential projects, you can’t really expect services pertaining to commercial construction. On top of that, this demarcation also helps you gather more knowledge about the experience of the real estate company in that specific area. The buildings, projects- both completed and ongoing, and details about the project sites would give you a lot of insight into the services and experience of the company and help you decide if you would want to work with a certain real estate developing company or not.