If you want to change things up at home, a new bathroom can be just what the doctor ordered. Though it is a small room (or rooms) in your home, it is a place where everyone goes quite a few times a day. You want to have an inviting and functional bathroom that pleases the senses as long as possible. Do not forget to give some thought to your bathroom flooring options when you are doing a remodel. Some things work better than others and some are just plain bad ideas.

If you have ever had a rental, you may have had carpeting in the bathroom. Some landlords will put this in the bathroom and the kitchen just to make sure the floors underneath are safe. This is not only not a good idea, it does not work. Those are two rooms where water and other things can go just about anywhere. The carpet will protect the floor for a while, but once it seeps down, not only is the carpet ruined, the floor underneath is as well. Avoid carpeting when thinking about bathroom flooring options. It is not cost effective by any means.

Some think of hardwoodfor bathroom flooring options when redoing a bathroom. This is at times a thought because the rest of the house has the same flooring. If you want to put in hardwood, you should make sure you talk to someone about what type of buy, how to protect that wood, and what you should do if it gets flooded. Hardwood can be sealed, but there is always a chance of seepage. Steam and prolonged water exposure can mean an early death for the best hardwood floor. Make sure you know what you are doing if you go with this option.

Tiles can be great and are very common choices when thinking of bathroom flooring options. For one, they are nice to look at, generally water-proof or resistant, and there are hundreds and hundreds of different options from which you can choose. You have to make sure your sub floor is protected before you install and that you have sealed the tiles well so that water cannot get through. Thicker tiles that require grout can look great, but make sure you know what you are doing before you install them on your own. If not, hire that job out. It’ll pay off in the end.

Bathroom flooring options are plentiful if you look around. You can get single roll linoleum that looks better than it has in the past as well. Just remember that some flooring types have more of an upkeep than others. You should decide which is really practical for you. Get something that looks great, matches your décor plans, but that will also last for as long as you are still in love with your bathroom. The last thing you want at your next remodel is to rip up the floor to find extensive water damage that will cost you a fortune to fix.