A pergola is a blend of nature, technology, and beauty. Those who are less aware of pergolas; you must have passed through a tunnel. Consider a tunnel covered with roof beams at your backyard or home’s open area with beautiful designs. This structure is pergola. So enjoy your summers at home without getting tanned. They are accessible at stores in varying shapes, designs, and sizes according to your needs. If searching online just type ‘pergolas canada’ and you will be startled that there are several services at your doorstep providing high-quality pergolas in numerous materials.

Design materials

Pergolas have earned immense popularity in the hearts of garden lovers and outdoor lovers. As such the manufacturers have also upgraded and modernized pergolas with diverse materials to cater to customer specifications. Few design materials are discussed below:

  • Wood

The oldest and most commonly used material for these structures is Wood. It provides natural aesthetics to the home and there are multiple kinds of wood being used by manufacturers namely teal, cedar, redwood, etc. They are made resistant to water, rot, decay, insects, and termites depending upon the prices. Protection against all weathers is taken in high consideration.

  • Metal

Previously the popularity of this material was less because it did not provide natural look and beauty, but now if you search for “pergolas canada” you will find artistic and exquisite designs with high resistance and strength. Steel and Aluminum pergolas are the sturdiest and cost-effective materials. Various big players in Canada are providing customized aluminum pergolas which require minimum maintenance and the installation is often free of cost.

Aluminum pergols

  • CPVC

An option of pergolas made of PVC material is available in the market. This is thick material and there are less or no maintenance troubles.

  • Brick or Stone

Some people believe in matching their house frontage with a permanent pergola and thus opt for brick or stone material. Resistance is high and maintenance is little.

Select your Design

Benefits of the structure may include additional space, privacy, Shade against any weather or decoration but you must be wise to select the one that best fits for you. Search “pergolas canada” on the internet and you can get an instant quote for the design you have in your mind. But while selecting compare the following:

  • Compare the costs of different materials with respect to the size you need
  • Maintenance or beauty, choice resides in your hand
  • Light-weighted structure or heavier structure
  • Customized design or any of the available designs

Whatever your preferences are, you can find pergolas of great quality in your market. The variations of colors, material, size, shape, and design all reside in your hands. Add attractiveness to your home space.