Machines are made by people, and they are required to work according to their instructions and are made, but when planned processing methods do not happen, things may not work for you, as they say. The same goes for any of your appliances, along with a washer with dryer that can work well, if you handle it according to your instructions and if you do not take care of your most basic things, you can find serious damage. in our car, and there are times when you should call a specialist, because you do not know what to do with the machine when it stops working and you need to call a technician who can provide the service that your machine needs, and ailuchshee treatment. for breaking it Therefore, when you call a specialist, you must first find out if you are certified of this particular brand or not, and this person has extensive experience in processing an application or about a problem you found on your machine. You should always check the warranty period of your machine before calling a technical specialist, as you can get free repairs and even spare parts for your device if it arrives on the date.

Certain things that matter

If you call a specialist for your washer dryer, be sure to answer some questions. The service center and the technical specialist must know the rules for using the product of the company you are using, and in case of replacement, the company must provide you with original products. If the warranty period of your device has exceeded the validity period, then your labor or maintenance expenses may increase, so be sure to talk about them before making an appointment.


You should also learn about these things:

Always ask the technician if you have had a previous complaint from a previous customer or not, if applicable, make sure you are looking for another.

Also ask about the original spare parts that are provided if there is any replacement, and you need to get complete information about it, including the price.

Does the technician have to carry out the training according to the requirements of the company and will act accordingly, or will the military act according to the needs of the client?


Wasmachines are what you need to take care of and take care of, this is the time of the meeting that you really need to know if you call a service specialist, and this time you should agree with your schedule. And don’t forget to ask about any emergency service.

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