Installing garage doors are important phase for door. The gate and door opener are the significant parts to handle with care. Marinating and balancing the gate is the challenging parts at garage functions.  Installing doors should be done by professionals. Some branded companies provide installing service for free.

Process of installing a door

  • Always check for the door type, whether it is wood or metal. If the gate is metal, look at the bracket that holds the wall. Fix the door at the proper place in order to get durability. Tight them to work for long run. When these parts are not tight, they are lots of chances for getting the, damaged earlier. If you find any damaged spots, pound them out with rubber mallet. You can also use a block of scrap of woods for wooden gate. If the tracks are badly damaged, then the professional kit helps them from severe damage.
  • Check for the alignment, horizontal tracks has to be straight from the garage gate. Roll up doors should have vertical sections. These are done by plumbers usually. If you are well worsening with that, you can do it on your own. The parts are available with the kit that is provided. Recheck the brackets to ensure whether it is in right position or they are developed on mounting brackets.

garage door installation

  • Clean the tracks with household cleaner that helps in removing dirty particle. That also helps in hardening grease so the durability of the product is increased. Clean the rollers thoroughly and wipe both the tracks and rollers and make them dry. When these particles are wet, it reduces the durability. Wiping them makes the particle so hard.
  • Once the garage door installation process is over, check for loose hardware’s, try to screw the bolts tighter. On swing up doors, it is mandatory to check for plates and the spring that is mounted. Loose screws spoils the door and that results in waste of money and time. Check for the hinges, they should hold the sections of the door together. If it is not fixed properly, then replacement of hinges are mandatory. Screws holes might get enlarged, that will lose the screws in future. In case you are working with wooden gate, check for the wooden cracks in the corners of the door. You can use glue that is provided by carpenters and fiber plug to fill cracks. Let the filler dry and replace the hinge for durability.