A living room or any room with empty walls will give a very barely look and is not very welcoming for any guests. The walls should speak your mind and enhance the living space. Leave out the guests, at least the persons at home should feel homely. This will happen when there is a makeover given to the walls at regular intervals. There are times when you would finish making over and feel satisfied but after sometime, the same wall will get bored, so get ready for next make over. These will give that positive vibe in house which in turn will keep the persons living the house a very positive person. The walls can be decorated with many things like, wall hanging or mirror or clock or design paintings with glossy finish or photo hanging or wall paintings. These will give that extra beauty factor to the lifeless walls. Mirrors are available in different shapes and sizes in the market. Usually, a rectangular or circular mirror will fit any living room. These mirrors have two main advantages, one is that when the space is reflected in the mirror, the room looks even bigger and the other one is that when the light reflects on the mirror it again gives it back to the room to give more lighting to the room. Hence two purposes will be solved in placing a mirror.

Give Life To Your House Walls

Placing clocks are the basic traditional type of decorating a room. Today, there are many clocks available in more trendy or traditional or contemporary or antique ones. Hence you can decide based upon your choices and make your room look better than ever. Clock is an essential part of every house and today it has extended to every room in a house. Clock is one of the essential decorative items in every house. A photo of your family is incomparable with any other decorative item available in the market. This would give a feel of being together and add that extra liveliness. The photo explains a lot and whenever you look at your favorite picture then it just throws away all the stress in your mind. It is good to visit this website for a better idea. One more traditional decoration is adding shelves. The shelves can be used to place some decorative items which are more attractive and forms a good combination. The colored bottles will give a very good look. A beautiful painting will also add color to your walls. There are different types of paintings available in the market from which you can choose one that fits the best to your wall. The fabric color can also make your room livelier. Some bright colors in the living room are more welcoming and the guest will also feel positively by visiting your house.