Choosing a location for your new residence must be done cautiously and strategically. It’s viral to remember your likes while looking through different buildings, as the location would create a big impact. This article will help you narrow down your choice while considering the location.

Going from one place to another on this small island is no problem at all. It has an efficient transportation system such as the Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) that lets you travel fast and easily. However, if you’re going to the same place daily for work or school, it might be exhausting to commute, particularly if it takes almost an hour to reach your destination.

So, if you commute through public transportation, you must ensure that your residence, like the Bartley Vue condo, has easy access to a bus stop and MRT. Also, you need to remember about those more traveled locations such as your family’s house and the ideal school for your kids. With this, you can reach places easier If you’re the type of person who drives, aside from picking a location close to areas more traveled to, it’s recommended that your home must have quick and easy access to expressways.

Vicinity to Many Conveniences and Amenities

Properties like the Bartley Vue condo offer quick access to commercial amenities and top-notch business and high-end private housing. Each of these causes the increased premiums demanded for these properties.

Furthermore, finding a new home located near conveniences like hawker centers, shopping centers, and community centers is ideal. So, if you need to do something important or want a quick bite, it’s conveniently near you. If you enjoy nature and or always workout outdoors, you might want to search for a residence situated near trails or parts. With this, you’ll get easy access to have night jogs without having to travel a long distance.

Sense of Pride

House buyers are not just driven by amenities and convenience when purchasing homes but their feelings also have a role during residence purchase. The majority of buyers like the Central Region since an area like this is known to be more developed and matured unlike other regions. By residing in such areas, a sense of pride will be felt since there are unlimited amenities and facilities within the community. Moreover, these housing properties are situated near private housing and therefore they are known to be more luxurious and valuable.


As for the homes you want to purchase as a property investment, while the aforesaid still apply, it is greatly reliant on the demographic you plan to rent the residence to. Nonetheless, there are some locations more distinguished than others. Homes located near the Central Business District (CBD) area, business or industrial parks like the Buona Vista Biopolis, Changi Business Park, or the Punggol Digital District lure more customers because it’s close to where most individuals work. Not ignoring areas where migrants tend to live, such as the East Coast, Changi area and Holland Village, will acquire more potential residents, probably because these are the places where universities are located.

Demographics really make a difference regarding property valuation. Nonetheless, you have to consider other intangible elements that influence consumer preferences. If you are an investor or a home buyer interested in having a great return from the investment, then it’s practical to consider the proximity of your investment to numerous conveniences and amenities. It will not only ensure a great return on investment but will also ensure a quick sellout once you choose to resale the property.