Whether indoor or outdoor furniture, teak is one of the best materials. This wood is best known for its durability and limited absorption of moisture. More importantly, teak does not require a lot of protective measures.

With these, teaks tend to be expensive. To ensure that the teak you are purchasing is of high quality, you should remember these things when shopping:

The production

The first thing you need to do is to find furniture shops sydney but how to determine the quality? You should look into the production. Is it machine-made or handmade? According to experts, machine-made furniture is by far the best.

Fully machine made teak furniture is expensive because of the investment in technology and machinery. While this is the case, you will be assured that the items are structurally the same in every way from the joints to the components. These will guarantee longevity.

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Grades of teakwood

You must know that there are different grades of teak. Grades include the following:

  • Grade A teak: this grade describes the mature heartwood section of teak. It can either be in a “warm honey” color, close-grained, oily, dense and filled with protective oils; this grade is more expensive.
  • Grade B teak: this grade describes semi-mature outer heartwood. In most cases, it has a lighter and duller color but with greater variations compared to Grade A.
  • Grade C teak: this grade describes sapwood from the outer sections of the timber. The sapwood is much softer than the heartwood. It presents a high contrast in colors but this could be damaged easily.

Treatment process

You must be aware that chemically treating wood is a common way to deceive and fool customers into thinking that they are purchasing Grade A teak. Now you know better. It is wise to avoid chemically treated teak.

Moisture content

The moisture content of the wood also defines good quality. Keep in mind that moisture content affects the behavior of the wood as it dries – teak with high moisture content is more likely to warp, split, crack or sink. With this, you have to determine the moisture content. It should not be dried to a maximum level of 12%.


It should not surprise you that teak furniture pieces are expensive. At the onset, you have to determine what you can buy. When it comes to buying furniture, your ultimate goal is to ensure that you get the best quality for your money.


More importantly, you have to check if the store offers a guarantee. This is important because teak furniture pieces are not cheap. By having some kind of guarantee, you can rest easy knowing that the shop got your back.

You have to closely inspect the shop’s Terms and Conditions.  This way, you will find an expansive or restrictive guarantee. A confident shop will stand by its product and offer the best possible guarantee.

Final words

When you want to purchase online, you should not assume that everything you read on websites is accurate. While you are at it, you should also read reviews. The reviews will give you an insight into the experiences of other customers thereby helping you make an informed decision.