Gardening has always been a relaxing and refreshing hobby for most of us. Having a garden at one’s home is always considered to be an amazing way to landscape and add beauty to your lifestyle. Indoor plants and indoor gardening also brings us delight and joy in the living room and is often a great conversation starter. Even though the pleasures that a beautiful garden can give it is immense, the task of nurturing and maintaining a healthy herbarium is a tad difficult.

Setting up soil, preparing the soil with fertilizers and irrigating regularly are all duties that need to be taken care of responsibly. With proper weeding and pest control, grooming and pruning, it is possible to develop an aesthetically appealing landscape around your home. All this said it is also important to decide upon the plants you choose to grow and soil where you plan to grow it. If the soil is not soft enough for the herbs to grow, you won’t be able to create a beautiful garden.

Hydroponics is an innovative method of growing plants without the requirement of a bed of soil to plant them. It may sound crazy at first but this technique makes use of a circulating stream of water which is enriched with the necessary nutrients- all that the herbs would ever require, in and out of a bed of loose rock where the plants are rooted. Pumps are used to circulate the nutrient-rich water in and out of the bed of rocks.  Frequent monitoring and maintenance of the concentration of nutrients are done depending upon the requirements.  Ph levels, which represents the acidic or basic nature of the circulated water; are also monitored and adjusted regularly.  Along with proper lighting and support structures, hydroponics ensures healthy garden at your home.


Even though all this may sound very arduous, it is quite possible to have a hydroponic garden on your own with the help of easily available equipment and resources and guidelines that are easily available on the internet.  Properly done, hydroponics can be rewarding in terms of the returns that you gain from it. Growing miniature farms at your home by growing vegetables on a hydroponic garden or growing beautiful flowers are all some of the many possibilities while pursuing this contemporary gardening practice.

Here are some of the advantages of hydroponics gardening:

  • With this technique, plants can be grown anywhere; inside or outside your home.
  • Pesticides or fertilizers are not necessary for this mode of gardening.
  • Plants grow faster almost twice as fast than the normal rate.

You can easily set up an amazing hydroponic garden at your home on your own. To learn more here about hydroponics, visit