Dyson has been creating innovative vacuum cleaners year after year. With each yearly upgrade of cord-less vacuum cleaners, you can be sure that what you’re buying is the best in the market. The latest vacuum cleaner that has been released by Dyson is the V10 model. The V10 model also has the Animal, Motorhead, and Absolute versions like the previous ones.

Before they released the V10, there is the V8 model which also has features that are worth checking. To help you decide which one is the best for you, here is an in-depth comparative guide of two latest Dyson models, V8 vs. V10. Being the two most recent models from the leading vacuum cleaner manufacturer, both models pack a punch. Let’s get started.

Dyson V8

The V8 model from Dyson is the older one which makes it have fewer features than the upgrade. Although, among other previous models, this particular model is the only one who can compete with the V10’s power and performance. This model is also cheaper than the V10 without sacrificing much in performance. Moreover, the V8 model can run much longer than the V10. The V8 also has the signature two cleaning heads with direct-drive cleaner.

Dyson V10

The latest model, V10, boasts its lightweight and portable feature, making it one of the fastest-selling cord-less vacuums ever released. It also has a larger dustbin that gives a more powerful suction and can store more dust. Moreover, it has a record running time of 60 minutes. Dyson V10 now has Torque Drive Cleaning Head which is better at cleaning dust than the previous versions.

Similarities of V8 and V10

Both the Dyson V8 vs V10 utilizes the cyclone system patented by Dyson. They are also both portable hand-held vacuums that can be switched to sticky. The accessories in the V8 model and the V10 model are almost the same. They come with a wand, wall mount, charger, Dusting Brush, Fluffy Brush roll, and Crevice Tool. 

Being a direct upgrade of the V8, the V10 model almost has the same features that the V8 is offering. One notable difference of the V8 model to the V10 model is the maintenance cost. Since the V8 model is older, it is more prone to malfunction than the newer model. The V10 model claims to have a zero maintenance cost due to its more advanced technology. The battery cell used in both models is also different. The cobalt-nickel aluminum batteries found in the V10 can last up to 60 minutes of cleaning time. That’s 20 more minutes added from the V8 model.

Another difference worth noting is that the V8 has better noise management than the V10.

The Verdict

Both models offer high-quality cleaning performance. If you tend to have a tight budget, getting the V8 would be a better option for you without sacrificing much on performance. If you’re looking for the most powerful vacuum today, then go ahead and get yourself a V10.