Before calling in to have your window blinds repaired or replaced, it is important that you try to see if you can do it on your own. This is why you have to learn some basic ways to fix the most common problems of your window blinds. But before you proceed, you should have the knowledge and skill son how to do these fixes.

Blinds Will Not Lower Down

One of the best things about window blinds is that you can easily open or close them without a problem. This way, you can control the light that comes into your room. When lowering down is becoming an issue, try this troubleshooting step first before you call a professional for blind repairs.

What you can do is to make sure first that the lift cords are even with its headrail. Pull it to release the cord lock. If it does not function, locate the small pin inside the mechanism lock. Push in the pin using a knife or a flathead screwdriver in order to release the slats. This way, you would be able to lower the blinds with ease.

Slats Don’t Tilt Correctly

If you notice that the tilt rods twist but the slats aren’t moving, locate the metal rod that you can find in the headrail. You might have to remove the blinds from your windows in order to do this. Once you got that, find the tilt mechanism and push the tilt rod into the tilt mechanism. This way, the slats will tilt properly again.

Replace Broken Or Damaged Slats

If you have a couple of broken or damaged slats, there’s nothing you can do to repair it. They need replacements. All you need to do is remove the ladder cap located at the bottom rail, pull out the cords slightly, and cut the cords above the knots. Then, pull it up through the slats that you are replacing and remove them. Replace it with a new one. Make sure that you align the old and the new ones as you weave the cords back through the holes. Once those are in place, you can now insert the cords back on the bottom rail, retie the knots before you replace the caps.

Replace Wand Tilter

When you need to replace the wand tilter, you have to remove the blinds from your windows first. Then, remove the wand from the blinds. You also have to remove the headrails’ metal end brace or its plastic cap. You also have to remove the tilt rod from the tilter to replace it. Once the new tilter is in place, turn the shaft in order to line it up with the other flat parts. Push the rod back before you replace the cap. After this, your wand tilter will be fully-functional.

Knowing how to fix simple window blind repairs can help you save time, money, and effort. Window blinds is probably the most preferred window covering these days. However, you have to make sure that you know what you are doing. If you are in doubt, it is best to call an expert to have it repaired or replaced.

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