The past couple of years has seen a dramatic rise in home renovation with more than 65% of homeowners deciding to go down this route instead of other ways of adding value to their homes.

Simply renovating a room in your home, you’re not only going to add a freshness and aesthetic beauty to your home but are also going to increase its value. However, some rooms are known to increase that value more than others when renovated. The kitchen tops all other rooms when it comes to adding value through a renovation which is why if you only have the budget for one room, this is the one you should be concentrating on.

The kitchen has always been known as the heart of any home so it is understandable why this is one room that potential buyers will always prioritise over any other. It has been reported that a new kitchen could add as much as 6% onto the value of your home.

What to Think About When Renovating Your Kitchen

The first thing to consider is to get the right balance with regards to how much you’re going to spend on renovating your kitchen and the overall value of your home. If your home is worth just £250,000, there is little point going over the top and spending something like £25,000 on renovating your kitchen. On the flip side, if your property is worth something like £750,000, you certainly don’t want your renovations to be done on the cheap either as this could result in your property actually losing value.

You’ll also have to consider how much of this work can be done with a bit of DIY and how much will require expert tradesmen. If you’re just adding a lick of paint and replacing a few handles here and there, you’re probably going to be able to handle the job yourself. If you’re having a whole new kitchen fitted, knocking walls through or having new flooring installed, this is when you’re going to need to enlist some expert help.

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Renovate Your Kitchen

Tips on Improving Your Kitchen

If you’re looking to renovate and improve your kitchen, you should always be looking to make the best possible use of the space that you have available. It should provide quick and easy access to all main appliances (sink, fridge, cooker) and should offer ample storage solutions.

Additionally, if you’re renovating with a plan to sell your home, think of what the buyers like rather than what you do. Stay away from garish colours and stick to things like stainless steel appliances and wooden worktops. These are all popular with buyers and should prevent you from putting them off.

Once your renovation work is complete, assuming the work is of good quality you should see an immediate increase in your properties value. Get a valuation done as quickly as possible after the renovations and we’re confident that you’ll be impressed with the results.