The holidays are knocking at the door. It is time to equip the kitchen with smart appliances to make delicious dishes for the guests. Space and utility do not go side by side. To afford a multi-utility kitchen appliance, you need to sacrifice a lot of space. Say for an instance, if you want to bring an oven cum grill at home, you need to make a little more space than you expected. This was the scenario before the advent of Volsen appliances in the market.

Amazing features of the countertop oven and grill

The eminent house has come up with multiple electronic appliances in various genres to convert a kitchen into a modern and smart one. Keeping the problem of space in mind, the appliances are designed as per latest ergonomic trends to fit the kitchen spaces aptly. In this context, the countertop oven and grill is one of the best entries in the market regarding versatility and occupation of space.

The brilliant features of the magnificent creation that will attract any enthusiast are as follows.

Space management

The size of the countertop oven and grill is compact that it can fit right in the corner without creating any fuss for other appliances. The design of the machine is solely prepared to provide homemakers with space aid as well as cooking features.

Less time to cook

Volsen countertop oven and grill takes very less time to cook due to the three different modes available. The cooking power increases when convection process is used in addition to microwave technology. The brilliant cooking modes decrease the time for preparing relishing dishes.

Homogenous cooking results

The roasting, grilling or cooking session has an even outcome. Every part of the preparation is provided with an equal amount of heat for a homogeneous outcome.

Easy cleaning

The baking tray is made of inert metals that do not affect the food. Moreover, the tray comes with a handle to make removal or fitting convenient. The handle of the tray also helps to remove the cooked food very safely. On the other hand, after cooking the tray can be removed very easily. The crumb tray underneath is a removable one too which helps in proper cleaning of the interior. The interior surface is covered with a non-sticky coat for easy removal of stains and food.

Volsen appliances

Strong tempered glass

The glass provided at the front is high temperature resistant. It will not crack very easily due to stress or shock like ordinary glasses.

Delivers high temperature

The machine demands 1200 W of power and delivers a high amount of heat till 450°F. The ergonomic design is more than capable of handling heat and does not damage other appliances in its side. It is very light in comparison to its performance.


The neat graphite-finish on the body undoubtedly increases the aura of the kitchen countertop. Other than the inbuilt features, this oven and grill combo is the best appliance for a family. The price is very much affordable, beating all other entries when cost versus benefit is considered.